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2 December 2008


Long time ago women wore long gloves in the summer, hats whenever they went out and patent leather only in the warm months of the year. That was yesterday. Today, all of the old rules are going or gone. Every year we see a new one broken. It was only a couple of mounths ago that satin appeared as a daytime item of dress paired with atlas handbags and accessories or other tailored fabrics.

Atlas for daytime is the newest fashion rule. This season, the high-gloss trend on everyone's hips was shining satin. Women look simply glamorous in long cream silk satin dresses, nothing can be more womanly and beautiful then atlas attire, so we should be glad that the fashion brings us such nice surprises again and again!

1. Jacket, Laurèl 2. Handbag, Escada Cruise 3. Shoes with buckle-bow, Prada

4. Dress, Fairly

5. Dress with open back, Moschino Cheap & Chic 6. Varnished sandals with satin ribbons, Sergio Rossi

7. Brooch , Antonio Marras 8. Evening handbag, Prada

10 November 2008


The easiest way to nail smoldering, somewhat sinister Western trend this season? Invest in a few iconic statement accessories - like D&G's pony-hair clutch or Delfina Delettrez's fringe and skull necklace - and match them with equally powerful pieces, like a Deadwood-sexy tuxedo skirtsuit or an earthy dress with a Navajo twist.

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1. Leather, bone and pearl necklace, Delfina Delettrez, price upon request, at Bergdorf Goodman, NYC
2. Alligator belt, $375, Silver Lapis, and Turquoise Buckle $1,350 both J.W. Cooper at J.W. Cooper. NYC
3.Pony-hair clutch, D&G, $1,400
4. Suede boot, Christian Louboutin, $1,575 at Christian Louboutin, Beverly Hills.
5. Etro
6. Fendi
7. Etro
8. Gucci
9. Anna Sui
10. Karl Lagerfeld

20 October 2008

Style Lesson - It’s A Pop Time!!! Modern Tendency of This Season.

And here come the eighties: a new wave, pop music, MTV, fitness. Chequered stockings, a patent leather, jackets with big shoulder pads, multi-coloured leggings, crazy backcombings, bright and cosy a dress-sweaters. The modernest designers sing of the decade when Michael Jackson and Madonna (a young rising star of that time) were real idols.

Dress - Oscar de la Renta; fur coat - Emilio Pucci; shoes - Miu Miu;
panty hose - Wolford; bangle - Tom Binns

Dress, Malo

Jacket - Yohji Yamamoto; skirt - Ralph Lauren

Dress - Max Mara

Sports Jackets - Escada Sport

Dress - Miu Miu; pantyhose - Wolford

Dress, shoes, hat — all Louis Vuitton; pantyhose - Wolford; necklace - Tom Binns

Dress-sweater - Sonia Rykiel; shorts - Miu Miu; shoes - Burberry; pantyhose - Wolford

Sports girls from the eighties loved one-size-fits-all a dress-sweaters so much! Let's do after their example.

30 September 2008


Laces in Gothic style, the coat-cocoon, sheepskin jackets this is not a full list of fashionable things of this season Autumn-Winter 2008/2009. Checkered fabric has to become an integral part of your clothes this season!

Podiums and fashionable magazines are full of models of checkered clothes. The checkered drawing brings up an association with a woollen plaid, the Scottish skirt or far 70-s', Now it is presented in the extremely elegant models. Besides, checkered clothes stand out against a background of dark fall and winter colours.

The combinations of black and red, and checkered with monophonic are very fashionable. However, you can combine different types of checks. But one should be brighter in colour than the other one.

In spite of the fact that this trend is on popularity peak now, you shouldn't forget about some important rules, applicable to this colouring. Do not go too far in brightness. Otherwise you risk to look like a clown, instead of the fashion admirer. It is better to choose muffled and not so bright colours, for example a classical black-and-white or brown check, grey or plam colouring as we we see in the autumn collection from House of Holland.

Pret-Á-Porter : 1. Missoni 2. BALENCIAGA


16 September 2008

Style Lessons. Oliver Twist.

Short shorts, sleeveless jacket and rough leather shoes. Don't be afraid to alternate feminity with hooliganism, sometimes it is very useful.

Certainly, everybody remembers the story about a little boy who remains in cold and gloomy streets of London of the XIX-th century. We know this story from our childhood. We remember, how we got to the past just closing our eyes for a moment, we got back to a hundred years ago where people were wearing short trousers, a checkered shirt and a woolen cap, went with Oliver Twist and his friends on searches of new adventures. We have to urgently re-read Dickens this season, the history repeats again.

1. Chemise D&G 2. Shorts Fornarina

3. Sleeveless pullover Gas 4. Shoes Rocco P

5. Cap Gas 6. Breeches Kenzo

7. Bracelet Louis Vuitton 8. Bag Borbonese 9. Pants Paul & Joe

10. Cross Dior Joallerie 11. Jacket Hiro Sawatari

11 September 2008

Dress-code Footwear 2008. The Last Tendencies.

Womanly, coquettish, but very self-sufficient – that is the type of the woman that leading designers on fashion shows want to see this season. That concerns footwear as well. Here are the newest trends in the world of lady's boots and shoes. The most fashionable footwear of Fall 2008.

Must have of this season are shoes. They have rushed into the world of fashion and are not going to concede to anything. At least till the time close fit skirts and ultrafitting trousers are at the top of popularity. Extravagant, casting violet on light, from Max Mara, or varnished black from Lanvin, reflecting flashes of cameras clicking around you. And maybe, irreproachably white, presented in firm boutiques such as Calvin Klein and Balenciaga. Choose those modern shoes and your image will be extremely fashionable.

Pomadno-red boots with the black platform sole from Chloe will dement lovers of power and extreme. The platform sole also has been noticed in Moschino, Cheap&Chic, Bally, Anna Molinari, Giambattista Valli, Mango, Givenchy and Gucci collections . To be the woman from head to foot – here is the law of the new season which you will like by all means. The main rule is the style is above all. And you will urely need magnificent footwear!

10 September 2008

Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008)

In particular skirt shapes have been refreshed again, so the narrow trend seems new and modern. Tight and close fit skirts, high waist or low waist skirts are the hit of this season. The waist can be a focus of interest if you have a waist to show. Stratch or denim skirts, cottone, one-colour or many-coloured, striped, checkered or leopard print - whatever you want, the only condition is the pencil shape. The most fashioansble length is a little below the knees.

Hot Tip - 2008 Must-have - Pencil Skirts

In solid grey or black plaid, its form flattering silhouette gives your conservatibe wardrobe a smart and sexy edge. It is made comfortable with a back zipper and walking vent.

Close fit are always popular with women since they enable elegant movement. With time, whatever your age, the Fall of 08, is one you will probably recall as the Fall of elegance and sexuality in fashion trends.

Pencil Skirt Gallery (click the pic to enlarge)

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